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Slow Data: Correspondence and Care
in Shared Knowledge Production

2021-01-06 – 2022-01-06

Short Description

Slow Data, influenced by correspondences and feminist theories of care, is an alternative way to share knowledge and generate understanding remotely. Simply described, each researcher chooses a book of particular interest to enclose in a knowledge box. This box is then sent onwards to another researcher, who reads and corresponds to the knowledge within the box by adding both their own thoughts, ideas, and material responses to the information contained within. By doing this, we explore knowledge and data at the juncture between symbolic, language-orientated information and bodily, material understanding. By contributing to and passing each knowledge box onwards, we slow down and materialize the process of data production, with an explicit focus on the work and care required to understand and correspond meaningfully to one another in this fashion.


Mafalda Samuelsson-Gamboa
Chalmers University of Technology

WASP-HS Project: The Rise of Social Drones: A Constructive Design Research Agenda

Rachael Garret
PhD Student, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

WASP-HS Project: Ethics as Enacted Through Movement – Shaping and Being Shaped by Autonomous Systems