Semester Abroad for PhD Students

To encourage international collaboration and experience, WASP-HS financed PhD students can apply for funds for a semester abroad.

• The stay should range between 3 and 6 months.
• The visit abroad can take place at any time during the PhD period.
• The trip should target a foreign research institute and be academically motivated.

Where it is scientifically necessary we may allow for several combined trips given that they serve a
single research aim. We may also allow for several consecutive trips to the same institute if it can be
motivated by personal/family reasons. The application must motivate this in such cases.
WASP-HS will cover reasonable travel costs, (student) accommodation, and subsistence during the

The PhD student is responsible for all arrangements for the stay including contacting the host
institute and to arrange for accommodation during the stay.


The application for a semester abroad should contain:
• Name and contact information of PhD student.
• Name of Project and PI.
• Hosting institute and contact person.
• Academic justification for the trip including a short project plan for the work that will be
conducted during the semester. How does it fit in with the thesis work? Why is the selected
institute and research group relevant for the thesis work? (1 page)
• A statement that the hosting institute has agreed to accommodate the PhD student during the
• A brief budget with the main costs items (including overhead costs of the applying university; the
normal rules for financing by the Wallenberg Foundations apply).

An application for a semester abroad can be sent to at any time and
will be handled at the next monthly meeting of the WASP-HS Management Team

No longer than three month after the trip, each PhD student is required to write a short (2 page)
report describing the scientific results and other experiences of the stay together with a cost claim.