Call for Interest to Host the WASP-HS Summer School 2023

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So far, the WASP-HS Graduate School has arranged two summer schools, one online on the theme of sustainability, and one in Lund on the theme of social robotics. Plans are in the making for 2023 and we are now reaching out to the WASP-HS community to hear if you are interested in hosting the forthcoming summer school. Together with the WASP-HS Graduate School, hosting the summer school entails

  • deciding on the theme
  • being responsible for planning the academic program
  • inviting selected guest speakers
  • booking premises and other practicalities

WASP-HS will be responsible for all costs.

Are you interested in hosting the WASP-HS Summer School? Please let us know if you are interested by 15 November by filling in the form below.

Please let ut know why you are interested in hosting the Summer School 2023.